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We're becoming United as One under Jesus 

Celebrating Our Love in Kaua'i, Hawaii



Friday, September Twenty-Second,

Two-Thousand and Twenty-Three 

4:30 PM Hawaii Time

Kaua'i, Hawaii 

Makai Golf Course, Hole 7 

Golf Carts will be available for travel to Hole 7


Immediately proceeding the Ceremony 

Kaua'i Hawaii 

1 Hananlei Bay

"Two are better than one.."

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Our Story

Our Story,
From Nicole

Garrison Coney captured my heart in 2020 during the Global Pandemic and soon later captured my hand in 2022. God truly aligned Garrison and I in His Perfect timing allowing us to learn each other at His perfect pace. Having met during a Global Pandemic where work was slowing down we were able to focus on getting to know each other.

Garrison and I shared the opportunity to get to know each other through hiking adventures throughout Georgia, boat days on Lake Lanier in the summer, kayaking on the Chattahoochee River, Corn Hole Tournements, Wiffle Ball Games and so much more. All of these adventures and more has led to a beautiful relationship based on friendship.


Everyday I find another reason to fall more in love with Garrison.  

Everyday he supports me.

Everyday he inspires me. 

Everyday he aligns me.

Everyday he enlightens me. 

Everyday we pray together. 

Everyday we long to love each other more. 

Everyday we long to live for our King, Jesus. 

I am at Peace knowing Jesus is my Eternal Forever and Garrison is my Earthly Forever. I have been waiting for you (Garrison) my whole life.

I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and become one with Garrison under God with our loved ones as our witness.

Our Story

Our Story,
From Garrison

Nicole has had my heart from day one. From the very first time that we met, she has lit up my world in the most amazing ways. Nicole truly won me over with her freestyle rap skills. She rocks the mic like no other and was open and fun enough to share that with me on date number two. Little did she know that would be the night I knew I would pursue Nicole for the rest of my life.

Nicole has become my best friend, my biggest supporter, my favorite human in the world, and soon, my WIFE! I cannot wait to marry Nicole and try to keep up with her energy and passion for the rest of my life. Nicole tries harder than anyone. She cares more than anyone. And she loves more than anyone that I have ever met. Her passion and heart for Jesus and His people, her family, and her career motivate me, inspire me, and make me fall in love with her again and again every single day.

Through all of the crazy and the hard times, Nicole is my rock and my partner that I will love and cherish. I cannot wait to marry the most amazing woman! And I cannot wait to celebrate our Union with our amazing friends and family!



Please know that your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, for friends and family who have been asking for ideas on how to gift us, we’ve created an online registry. 


See you in Kaua'i

Please RSVP by clicking the link below or on the "Event Details" Page if you plan on joining us in Hawaii, as we would like to wish you a warm welcome when you arrive to the island. 

Garrison and Nicole's Wedding Reception
Garrison and Nicole's Wedding Reception
Sep 22, 2023, 6:30 PM HST – Sep 23, 2023, 10:00 PM HST
Princeville,HI Home ,
5107 Napo'okala Circle Princeville, HI 96722
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